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I went through 3 different trading communities before reading Andrew’s books and joining Bear Bull Traders. None of those communities even mentioned Level 2 market data!


I subscribed to a lifetime membership within a couple of weeks of joining and it’s easily the best decision I’ve made in order to progress my Day Trading career.



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Wish I had found this community when I started day trading 3 years ago. Day trading is not a business you should perform on your own. 


But that’s just the start. The BBT community has a number of moderators who all have slightly different perspectives on day trading, which is great because no one trading style is for everyone.


Georgia, USA

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TRADING WITH A SOUL – That is what I believe about this community. Each of the moderators have their different styles of trading, different personalities, but all will help depending on your trading style.


Andrew Aziz, what can you say about this guy, he is the main reason I joined the channel. His humbleness and honesty are off the charts.


Texas, USA